Monday, 14 November 2016

End of Year Giveaway and Activities.

With the end of the school year fast approaching I wanted to start the giving early with a little giveaway - my Christmas Activity Matrix is one of my best sellers! It's a great tool for those last days/week that allows students to choose what activities they want to do, but it sure to keep them on-task and engaged (while you begin the clean-up!)

There are so many great hands-on activities that you can do to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year - a couple of years ago I did these fabulous elves, as well as a beautiful nativity silhouette activity. For more Christmas activities, check out my Christmas Activities pinterest page.


If, like me, you have children in your class who do not celebrate Christmas, never fear! I've got some great activities saved to my End of Year pinterest page that are sure to keep those children engaged and not feeling left out of all the fun!

What are your favourite end of year activities? Please share below - and have a wonderful, merry end to this school year!!!


  1. I am loving your Pinterest page!! Thank you for these great ideas!

  2. I love having students write compliments about each other - I've had several students say that they hang on to it for years!

  3. I tried following your tutorial for making a quote box. I'm having a hard time. Can you help me? My email is

    1. Never mind, I did figure it out. Thanks for a great lesson!