Saturday, 10 September 2016

ClassCraft - The new classroom management tool you need to check out!

ClassCraft is a FREE (although there is a premium version which offers more features) online, educational role-playing game that uses many of the conventional features found in today's online games and allows students and teachers to play together, in the classroom.

By taping into the interest area of those who play online games, students can level up, work in teams and earn more powers that have real-world benefits and consequences. This program is web-based, but can also be downloaded onto your phone via the app-store so that the game can run passively in the background whilst the class-learning activities continue. This is a great program that can be run by the teacher, or you can provide access and encourage students to play during class time on their own devices.

So why would you use this program as opposed to others, such as Class Dojo? Well, it comes down to the class and the teacher. Personally, I took over a Year 8 Autism class at the beginning of Term 2 and this was the program they had been using - and it was working well! Far be it for me to change something that works! 
I have SLOWLY be acquainting myself with the program (I grasped the basics quickly, but as yet, haven't delved into the full potential of this system) as the boys in my class respond really well to it, and enjoy the features, such as Daily Challenge. Being able to set your own rewards and penalties with points also means that this is relevant to students - if they do well academically, help a peer or even identify a mistake in the teacher's work they can gain points that unlock real powers that give them in-class privileges. HOWEVER, if students break the rules then they can lose points which will impact their team and may see them fall in a battle! 

I think this program would be suited to High/Middle school classes as it encourages students to work in teams, yet allows them to assert their individuality through the choice of avatars and team roles. 

If you think this system would work with your students, use the referral code below to access 2 FREE MONTHS of ClassCraft Premium. Share your favourite classroom management program below - sharing is caring!

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