Friday, 12 February 2016

Friday Freebie: 12th February, 2016

Another Friday, another Freebie!!!! I'm enjoying much needed family time - we've been enjoying the Gold Coast summer sun and having a blast at what is fast becoming our favourite holiday destination - Turtle Beach Resort. But I didn't forget you all - here is this weeks featured #FridayFreebie:

Australia is a land full of many unique and wondrous animals, some of which are only found here - but due to the introduction of some animals our native animals are now threatened!!!

Students will need to help our native animals by placing traps for the feral animals found in Australia on the grid - they also need to add some native animals too! The teacher then calls out grid references and students cross them off their grid. Once the teacher has called out a desired number of grid references, students will then need to add up their feral animals, and deduct for any native animals they trapped. The student with highest score wins.

This activity combines grid referencing skills as well as addition, subtraction and multiplication skills.

It is a great resource casual teachers to have in their bank of activities and is a fun way to engage students whilst teaching mathematical skills and concepts.

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