Monday, 15 February 2016

Australian Animals Clip Cards - Friends of Ten!

Australia is such a unique country, with unique animals. These Australian Animals clip cards provide a fun, engaging, hands-on activity that also aids in developing a good awareness of what the 10 numerals, 0 – 9, look and sound. This is the first step in developing strong Math and Number sense. These clip card activities will help young children to develop a strong visual discrimination, as well as knowledge of the numeral’s name and the amount each numeral represents.

These friends of 10 clip card activities provides an opportunity to find all of the blends that make 10. This aids in developing knowledge of mental addition and subtraction strategies.

These Aussie themed addition and subtraction cards provide a fun and engaging hands-on learning activity used to practice making 10.

The activity has clothespin clip card and recording sheet. There is a missing numeral in each equation, with 3 choices on each card.

Head on over to either my TpT or DBT stores and pick yourself up a copy of this hands-on, engaging maths activity that is sure to help your little one learn the different combinations that can make ten!

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  1. loving the clip cards and cant wait to see pics of your new classroom..