Monday, 8 February 2016

Australian Animals Clip Cards - Count to 10!

Clip Cards are a great hands-on activity that not only provides an opportunity to learn things like numbers, letters, beginning sounds, syllables and much more, but it is also a great fine motor learning activity - if you use pegs, learners much first choose the correct answer then use a clip to identify it on the card. 

Australian Animals Classroom Posters 1-10

Australian Animals Number Clip Cards - Numeral and Word

Australian Animals Number Clip Cards - MAB

Australian Animals Number Clip Cards - Tens Frames

As our eldest is starting to learn and recognise letters and numbers, I have seen some great activities around the web - and to celebrate all things Australian I have created some clip card sets with an Australian animals theme.
This pack provides 8 different clip card activities as well as a set of classroom posters for the numbers 1-10. Head to my TpT or DBT store and pick yourself up a copy - this will be an invaluable resources both at home and school when helping your little one/s learn the numbers 1-10.

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