Friday, 11 December 2015

Five for Friday: 12th December, 2015


Happy Friday Followers!!!! I hope you've had a good week! Me - well, let's just say it's been one of big decisions, many sleepless nights and intuitive decision making! More about that in a future post, here's what happened this week:

The end of last week saw me back in the Primary classroom ("Oh how I missed thee!") - funnily enough, with students I had taught previously when they were in year 2 - now in year 5!!! While we did a little of the work left by the teacher, I was informed that as it was edging towards the end of the year that I was welcome to do any activities I had brought along with me - so I did!

We ended up using this tutorial, which i put up on the SmartBoard. They simply followed the instructions off the board, outlined in black texta and used coloured pastel crayons to add colour! Simple Dimple! If you want an activity to fill in time or keep your kiddies amused, this is great! (I'm just sorry we didn't get time to pin them up!) I just love how they're all individual!


My cousin trekked down from the Blue Mountains with her two children for some summer sun, surf and sand!!! Luckily the Illawarra and Mother Nature put on a good show and we enjoyed a few beautiful mornings at our local off-leash dog beach!  

The newest generation of our O'Brien clan!

Who doesn't love a little pampering and in-home shopping on a Sunday afternoon??? What is fast becoming an annual event, my At Home Body Shop party is proving popular, as you can try out some of the latest products, as well as some favourites, whilst sitting on the couch, beverage and treats in hand - when they're not being pampered! 

I do love hosting such events, as it means I get to catch up with my lovely friends and family! A big thanks to Vanessa for hosting, and to my lovely cousin Louisa for helping me with all the preparation!


 We managed a Santa photo this year!!! I didn't think it would happen as Lachlan would always retreat to behind our legs anytime the man in the red appeared, but Dad talked him into it and we got the elusive pic!!! 

Today the boys and I headed to Macquaire Fields to catch up with our long-time friends at the local leisure centre, which has a fabulous splash zone!!! Needless to say we had a fabulous morning of running, jumping and splashing in the water which saw the boys crash out 15min into the car trip home!!!

I hope you've had had a good week! May the count down to summer holidays begin!!! What are you looking forward to in the final week of teaching?

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