Monday, 30 November 2015

TpT Cyber Sale

Well it's Cyber Sale time - the worldwide web is in sale mode from Monday 30th November til December 1st, and TpT is jumping on board! Make sure you enter the code SMILE at the checkout to get up to 28% OFF ALL my products. Be sure to check out your other favourite sellers to to pick up some great deals!

Here are some of my latest and updated products: 

The Christmas Matrix has become very popular leading up to the silly-season! Grab yourself a copy today to use over the last few weeks of term when you want to keep the kids busy with a worthwhile independent activity.

Do you know what the capital of Tasmania is? Or how about the colours of the Eureka flag? Perhaps you'd like to teach your students about the different state and territory flags, or have a series of activities that students can complete independently when studying Australia? Then this bundle is a MUST have! Combining three of my most popular sellers, this bundle is a great set of activities for any teachers!!! 

The Australian Gold Rush was a time of much change in Australia, with people leaving city jobs to take up gold panning, and large waves of migrants entering the country! This 28-page unit includes activities of locating gold regions on maps, completing a timeline of events, researching the Eureka Stockade flag and learning about the different cultures that came to our shores during this time.

Australia is a wonderful and unique country. There is much to be learned about its history and geography as well as it's flora, fauna, culture and society. This activity matrix allows students to learn about and explore Australia through the seven different learning styles while developing their levels of thinking.

The Exploring Australia thematic unit is a great resource for Stage 2 (Year 3 & 4) teachers to use when learning about Australia. Students will learn about where Australia is in relation to the rest of the world, the State and Territories and their capital cities, our flags and emblems, native flora and fauna as well as some historical information about Aboriginals and The First Fleet. This pack aligns with the Australian/NSW HSIE, History and Geography curriculum and includes different learning activities to encourage different styles of learners to participate and engage.

Happy Shopping!!!!!

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