Friday, 20 November 2015

Five for Friday: 20th November, 2015

 Hooray it's Friday!!!!It's that time of week again where I share some random things I've been up too... Don't forget to join the fun with Kasey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching and let me know you've stopped by wit a comment below! :-)

This week started off with a wet and dreary weekend, so I decided to do update our play-dough stores. The best - and simplest - recipe I've come across is from Anna at The Imagination Tree. Head over for the recipe (I ran out of plain flour so I ended up using coconut flour for the blue mix - it has a nice texture and smell!!!)

The boys have lots of fun creating food, roads and all sorts of things!!! It's also very cathartic - I love squishy and moulding in into shapes! 

Mr L came down with a 24hr bug on Monday afternoon and ended up being sent home from preschool on Tuesday. I never really thought you could get sick and well again in a 24hr time period, but it was literally that. Monday afternoon he was a little off and not himself, by Tuesday he had a temp and didn't want to eat much and lay on the couch. But by 6pm that night, he was back to running laps of our house and sing the couch as a crash mat!!!!

The end of the week saw the return of warm weather here on the east coast of Australia!!!! We're due to hit 38-40degrees (celcius) today so yesterday I made the most of the cooler temps and hit the beaches with all the kidlets. We're going to head down now, then retreat to the house before lunch and bunker down til the late afternoon (athough it's still meant to be 32degrees at 6pm - I see a twilight swim happening for me!)


Who doesn't love some online shopping! I needed to update some of my shoes and buy a pair of nice flats for an up-coming event Tim and I have, so shop I did! There was also a 20% discount, so really I was saving money... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

With Christmas around the corner I thought I better get baking again... I'm going to do some experimenting with different flavoured essences' in cupcakes - I bought caramel, peppermint, strawberry, lavender, orange (jaffa) and raspberry so we'll see how it goes! 

I hope everyone has had a good week, and that you have a fabulous weekend!

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