Friday, 13 November 2015

Five for Friday: 13th November, 2015

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!!!!! Here are my 5 random things for the week!

Today is my lil big bro's birthday!!!!!! And if you thought being born on the 13th was tough, well I'm here to tell you that I'm also a 13th baby, as is my other brother! YEP, you read right! I was born on the 13th of March, Tim was born on the 13th of December and David was born on the 13th of November!!! And we all share a birthday with a cousin from the O'Brien clan! :-)

(And yes my husband is Tim and I have a brother named Tim - from now on he shall be known as FlimFlam).

So 13 is a lucky number for us!!!!! (I also own a black cat! LOL)

We shared a lovely family day with some friends of Tim's and their children by going to HangDog, the local rock climbing centre in Wollongong. Lachie was fearless to begin with, and preceded to scale one of the walls - until he looked down! We got him down, but in his true adventurous form he returned to the wall and is now a keen climber!

Lachlan had said that he wanted to plant a vegetable garden and grow some strawberries - well this is the first step! It'll be a while before we get any fruit from these, but I'm hoping it teaches the boys some patience and how food from plants grows. 

These would be great for a classroom project, and come in a variety of plants and edibles. Check out your local Bunnings for more information.


I won!!!!!!!!! I rarely win things, but when I do its very unexpected!!! I'd entered a competition through Natio a while ago, and totally forgot about it! But this week I received an email saying I'd won, and today my package of goodies arrived!!!! I also won a gift voucher for swimwear - summer will be good this year!!!!!


Let the toilet training begin!!!! Second time round, I wasn't sure Mr Will was going to get it quite as quickly as his big brother did, but he surprised me! A few accident early on, by mid-morning he was getting it! Taking himself over to the potty for No.1s and even No.2s!!!!!!! It's early days yet (only Day 1 today) but hopefully we'll be nappy free very soon!!!!!


  1. Good luck on the potty training!

    1. Thanks Tidy Teacher! I'm sure I'll be keeping everyone updated in this weekly post ;-)