Monday, 30 November 2015

TpT Cyber Sale

Well it's Cyber Sale time - the worldwide web is in sale mode from Monday 30th November til December 1st, and TpT is jumping on board! Make sure you enter the code SMILE at the checkout to get up to 28% OFF ALL my products. Be sure to check out your other favourite sellers to to pick up some great deals!

Here are some of my latest and updated products: 

The Christmas Matrix has become very popular leading up to the silly-season! Grab yourself a copy today to use over the last few weeks of term when you want to keep the kids busy with a worthwhile independent activity.

Do you know what the capital of Tasmania is? Or how about the colours of the Eureka flag? Perhaps you'd like to teach your students about the different state and territory flags, or have a series of activities that students can complete independently when studying Australia? Then this bundle is a MUST have! Combining three of my most popular sellers, this bundle is a great set of activities for any teachers!!! 

The Australian Gold Rush was a time of much change in Australia, with people leaving city jobs to take up gold panning, and large waves of migrants entering the country! This 28-page unit includes activities of locating gold regions on maps, completing a timeline of events, researching the Eureka Stockade flag and learning about the different cultures that came to our shores during this time.

Australia is a wonderful and unique country. There is much to be learned about its history and geography as well as it's flora, fauna, culture and society. This activity matrix allows students to learn about and explore Australia through the seven different learning styles while developing their levels of thinking.

The Exploring Australia thematic unit is a great resource for Stage 2 (Year 3 & 4) teachers to use when learning about Australia. Students will learn about where Australia is in relation to the rest of the world, the State and Territories and their capital cities, our flags and emblems, native flora and fauna as well as some historical information about Aboriginals and The First Fleet. This pack aligns with the Australian/NSW HSIE, History and Geography curriculum and includes different learning activities to encourage different styles of learners to participate and engage.

Happy Shopping!!!!!

Friday, 27 November 2015

Friday Freebie: 27th November, 2015

Here is another FUN FREEBIE that is exploring the fascinating world of Egypt and the ancient Egyptians.

This crossword is a fun way for students to learn more about the ancient Egyptians. It can be used as a time-filler at the end of the lesson, as a fast-finishers activity or could become an essential item in a causal teachers resource kit!

When you rate this product, TpT will add credit to your account which you can use to purchase other TpT goodies for your classroom and personal use! 

If you're thinking about becoming a seller on TpT, then click on the image above!!!

Thank you for supporting Teacher Designers.

Friday, 20 November 2015

#FridayFreebie: Magnetic Letters & Numbers Mats

Are you looking for a fun and different way to explore the alphabet with your little one? Do you want to practice recognition and counting of numbers? Then these mats are just the thing!

Explore the alphabet and increase letter and number recognition by matchig magnetic letters and numbers to those on the boards. Once matches have been made, you can continue the learning by  going over the alphabet, counting forwards and backwards, or playing games such as 'which letter/number is missing?' or 'what comes before/after ...?'

Five for Friday: 20th November, 2015

 Hooray it's Friday!!!!It's that time of week again where I share some random things I've been up too... Don't forget to join the fun with Kasey over at Doodle Bugs Teaching and let me know you've stopped by wit a comment below! :-)

This week started off with a wet and dreary weekend, so I decided to do update our play-dough stores. The best - and simplest - recipe I've come across is from Anna at The Imagination Tree. Head over for the recipe (I ran out of plain flour so I ended up using coconut flour for the blue mix - it has a nice texture and smell!!!)

The boys have lots of fun creating food, roads and all sorts of things!!! It's also very cathartic - I love squishy and moulding in into shapes! 

Mr L came down with a 24hr bug on Monday afternoon and ended up being sent home from preschool on Tuesday. I never really thought you could get sick and well again in a 24hr time period, but it was literally that. Monday afternoon he was a little off and not himself, by Tuesday he had a temp and didn't want to eat much and lay on the couch. But by 6pm that night, he was back to running laps of our house and sing the couch as a crash mat!!!!

The end of the week saw the return of warm weather here on the east coast of Australia!!!! We're due to hit 38-40degrees (celcius) today so yesterday I made the most of the cooler temps and hit the beaches with all the kidlets. We're going to head down now, then retreat to the house before lunch and bunker down til the late afternoon (athough it's still meant to be 32degrees at 6pm - I see a twilight swim happening for me!)


Who doesn't love some online shopping! I needed to update some of my shoes and buy a pair of nice flats for an up-coming event Tim and I have, so shop I did! There was also a 20% discount, so really I was saving money... HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

With Christmas around the corner I thought I better get baking again... I'm going to do some experimenting with different flavoured essences' in cupcakes - I bought caramel, peppermint, strawberry, lavender, orange (jaffa) and raspberry so we'll see how it goes! 

I hope everyone has had a good week, and that you have a fabulous weekend!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Five for Friday: 13th November, 2015

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!!!!! Here are my 5 random things for the week!

Today is my lil big bro's birthday!!!!!! And if you thought being born on the 13th was tough, well I'm here to tell you that I'm also a 13th baby, as is my other brother! YEP, you read right! I was born on the 13th of March, Tim was born on the 13th of December and David was born on the 13th of November!!! And we all share a birthday with a cousin from the O'Brien clan! :-)

(And yes my husband is Tim and I have a brother named Tim - from now on he shall be known as FlimFlam).

So 13 is a lucky number for us!!!!! (I also own a black cat! LOL)

We shared a lovely family day with some friends of Tim's and their children by going to HangDog, the local rock climbing centre in Wollongong. Lachie was fearless to begin with, and preceded to scale one of the walls - until he looked down! We got him down, but in his true adventurous form he returned to the wall and is now a keen climber!

Lachlan had said that he wanted to plant a vegetable garden and grow some strawberries - well this is the first step! It'll be a while before we get any fruit from these, but I'm hoping it teaches the boys some patience and how food from plants grows. 

These would be great for a classroom project, and come in a variety of plants and edibles. Check out your local Bunnings for more information.


I won!!!!!!!!! I rarely win things, but when I do its very unexpected!!! I'd entered a competition through Natio a while ago, and totally forgot about it! But this week I received an email saying I'd won, and today my package of goodies arrived!!!! I also won a gift voucher for swimwear - summer will be good this year!!!!!


Let the toilet training begin!!!! Second time round, I wasn't sure Mr Will was going to get it quite as quickly as his big brother did, but he surprised me! A few accident early on, by mid-morning he was getting it! Taking himself over to the potty for No.1s and even No.2s!!!!!!! It's early days yet (only Day 1 today) but hopefully we'll be nappy free very soon!!!!!

#FridayFreebie: Egyptian Hieroglyphs

My Egyptian Hieroglyphs activity is a great time-filler that gives students an appreciation and understanding for ancient cultures.

Students will learn about the different symbols/images that represent letters and sounds of the ancient Egyptian language, and how these were put together to create sentences and stories. 

Students can then write their own name in hieroglyphs and translate some well-known words!

This is a great activity for casual teachers, as well as a fantastic fast-finisher exercise!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Pinterest Milestone Competition

Well, I've reached a little milestone... I have 200 followers on Pinterest!!!!! While for some this happened a while ago, I'm very chuffed to have that many people following my boards, and pinning my products and other things I like! 
To say Thank You to those who follow me, I'm running a competition that you could see you win your choice of ONE of my products from my Designed by Teachers store! Be sure to enter below, and the winner will be announced next Monday!!!

Good Luck everyone!

Visit my store to check out these and other products!

Friday, 6 November 2015

#FridayFreebie: Journal Writing Tasks

This week I've been busy updating and creating some new resources for my stores... And with this in mind I decided to join in on the Freebie Friday's over at Teaching Blog Addict. This week's freebie is my Journal Writing Tasks printable activity.

This task encourages students to write throughout the school term. Students are given 11 different writing tasks exploring the following text types:
  • Narrative (two different activities)
  • Factual Recount
  • Description (two different activities)
  • Procedure
  • Explanation
  • Comic Strip
  • Review/Personal Response
  • Fictional Recount
  • Poetry
Whether you're looking for a new way to keep your kids occupied on a rainy day, or hoping to help your class branch out in their writing, this is a wonderful tool to inspire and motivate your students to express their thoughts and feelings.

This activity has many benefits for your students, and provides them with the opportunity to explore different text types that aim to encourage them to find innovative ways of thinking, and will excite them endlessly with the prospect of possibility. The simple act of writing is a powerful way to express feelings, new ideas and instill creativity.