Monday, 7 September 2015

Designed by Teachers 101: How to create a product cover page.

When I first started in the selling of my teaching resources online, I meandered my way through sharing a few products as freebies and even began selling a few activity packs I had made. In the beginning my products were raw and I was naive when it came to a lot of things!! If this sounds familiar and you are looking for some DBT product tips and tricks then hopefully this series of posts will help! 

In this post I will be showing you how I make product covers - this is a relatively new skills for me too, but with practice I'm really gaining confidence and becoming quite efficient. I don't profess to be the 'Queen of Covers', but I have learnt that creating eye-catching covers can make a BIG difference in gaining the attention of your potential customers.

When people, especially teachers, head to Pinterest or search engine looking for a great product to use when teaching a new unit or concept, If your content is good, then you might just make the sale!! The image above is a screenshot of Pinterest - what is the first thing you notice? Most likely, your eyes will go to the covers - those with bold text and images showcasing what is in-store if you click the link. But to get people to click on your product you need a great idea, name, and - you guessed it - an eye catching cover! To demonstrate how a cover can be attention grabbing, here are two covers of a product of mine:

(I'll admit I am planning to re-work this cover AGAIN when I find time). While it's not perfect, the clipart was purchased and I have a commercial licence to use it, as was the font and background. Yet, while the cover is not GREAT, it is eye catching and stands out, which equals sales! (this is my most popular unit).

To help YOU start creating product covers, I have created my FIRST EVER (so please, be kind) video tutorial. Click on the image below and follow along. For those that prefer to have a written instruction in front of them I have also created a FREE printable which you can download from my DBT store

I hope you found the tutorial helpful, and that it encourages you to delve into the creative world of product design. Have fun on your DBT adventures, and be sure to join in and show of your creativity and resourcefulness in this fast growing and exciting world!!!

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