Saturday, 11 July 2015

Make your Masterpiece - #TpTSellerChallenge

#TpTSellerChallenge Week 3 - Make your Masterpiece

I'm posting this a week late as I was laid up in bed with the flu (teachers' holiday curse). So here it is... my masterpiece! The Human Body Literacy Pack is a project I've had going for a few years. I originally made up the comprehension activities to be completed during our Literacy sessions to accompany our Human Body unit for Science and Technology/PDHPE. I wanted to create comprehension activities that would engage students and increase their knowledge on the human body, but not on typical things that'd already explored. The kids really enjoyed working through the activities and the other activities used to accompany them. This challenge was the push I needed to complete the pack by creating an eye-catching cover page, cheat sheets for the teacher, links to related sites and a clearer layout and more engaging activities. 

What is YOUR Masterpiece? Share links to yours below so I can check it out and follow you!

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