Tuesday, 9 June 2015

10 steps to accessing your DETmail to your iPhone AND Android

***UPDATED 25/05/17: So you've been given your DoE login and address email, but how can you get regular updates without having to log in to your account each time? Well after some digging around I have found a way to add your DoE email address to your iOS mail app (this includes iPhones, iPads and Mac Mail) AND your Andoid device!!!! 

Follow these steps:


1. Go to 'Settings'
2. Scroll down and tap 'Mail, Contacts, Calendars'
3. Tap 'Add Account'
4. Tap 'Microsoft Exchange'
5. Enter the following details:
  • Email: Your DoE email
  • Password: Your DoE password
  • Description: 'DoE email', 'Work Email' - whatever you like!
  • Tap 'Next'
6. The next screen will prompt you for a username and server. Enter the following details:
  • Username: Your DoE I.D with @det at the end. e.g. jo.blogs@det
  • Server: mobile.det.nsw.edu.au
  • Tap 'Next'
7. If you have entered all the details correctly, all boxes will be given a TICK then the next screen will load.
8. You can now choose to turn on Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Reminders etc. Tap 'Save'.
9. You can now access your DET email on your iPhone.
10. Access your mail from your 'Home' screen. You can still access your other email accounts as well, receiving them all together or in separate mail boxes.

1. Go to 'Settings' on your device
2. Then scroll to 'Accounts and Sync' and click 'Add Account'
3. Choose 'Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync' or 'Corporate'
4. Enter the following details:
  • Email address: Your DoE email
  • Password: Your DoE password
  • Tap 'Manual Setup'
5. On the next screen enter the following details:
  • Username: YOUR DoE I.D with @det at the end e.g. jo.blogs@det
  • Exchange Server: webmail.det.nsw.edu.au
6. You must then TICK 'Use Secure Connection' & 'Accept all SSL Certificates'
7. Your android device should then verify if it can connect to the DET webmail server.
***NOTE: Please make sure you have your 3G AND WIFI connected.
8. You should now be connected.
9. You can now select your mail preferences
10. Name your mail e.g. DoE email, Work email etc.

At this point, I'm assuming this method works for other states and territories, simply by changing the server address - it's not a guarantee, but here's hoping! I hope you've found this useful! :-)


  1. Thank you. Very helpful!! :)

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  3. Thanks a tonne for this!! You have done what many could not!

  4. Great instructions, thanks

  5. Thanks for your help - how about adding det email account TO gmail, to be accessed via pc? Any ideas?

    1. No problems! I believe that the DEC has made it so you can't access it via other parties (i.e. gmail). If you're on your PC you should just use the Portal. I have just found the instruction for androids so will add to the post over the holidays.

  6. Thanks, so straightforward and helpful!

  7. Replies
    1. I have just found an updated version of how to do this and will be adding tonight!

  8. Hi, I have been trying to add my Det account on outlook 2016 client on PC but no luck. Any ideas?

  9. Worked perfectly, thank you, thank you, thank You !!!

  10. Thank you so much. I have been trying to do this without any success and even less help from the DET who gave me a link to a page that was useless. Not sure where you got this info from, but it is greatly appreciated!

  11. You are a legend! Thank you! I have been trying to do this for a couple of years now and it never worked. Thank you again

  12. Thank you very much for the sharing! COOL.. phone deals

  13. Thanks for sharing Christie... It looks that this is working for everyone... but me... after 6th step for iPhone an error msg appears saying "unable to validate your exchange account". The only difference is that in my 6th step i´m asked to inform (Optional) the Domain. The address i´m trying to config is @education.nsw.gov.au. Any clue of why i cannot config it? Many Thanks

  14. Thank so much! very helpful

  15. Trying to do this on Android and it can't set up the account "Authentication failed"
    My username/email address/password is correct....not sure what is going on?

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