Sunday, 31 May 2015

New look blog & Giveaway!!!!

Hi everyone!

To celebrate my new look blog (thanks to Megan at A Bird in the Hand Designs) and reaching 200+ followers on Facebook, I am having a giveaway!!!!! 

Since beginning this blog as something to do while I was off having my boys, I have come to thoroughly enjoying sharing my knowledge of teaching and parenting, the resources I create for the home and classroom and reviewing products and items related to children and education! I feel very blessed and priveledged to be able to spend time raising my sons, watching them grow and develop and share these experiences with you.

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Now for the fun stuff!!! Make sure you enter each competition to win - these are some great prizes!!! Firstly you could win yourself a $25 Gift Certificate for Teachers Pay Teachers! That's $25 to spend on whatever you like and need!!!

Secondly, I am giving away my top 5 TpT products, which include "The Australian Gold Rush" activity booklet, "Let's Learn about Australia" activity booklet, "Alphabet Activity Mats", "The Human Body Literacy Pack" and the very popular "Christmas Blooms Taxonomy/Multiple Intelligence Activity Matrix". All up you're getting a pack worth over $25!!! So what are you waiting for, enter now!

Good luck everyone! Winners will be announced Monday the 8th June!

Friday, 29 May 2015

Mister Maker visits Australia!!

Do you have an aspiring artists in your house? Are you constantly finding glitter, pom poms, and paddle-pop sticks around the house? Then you'll want to take your little Van Gough to see Mister Maker on his Australian tour!! 

This will also be hugely beneficial for art teachers, early childhood and primary teachers alike, as you'll be sure to get plenty of ideas to create fun learning experiences in your classrooms!

This live show filled with music, dancing and fantastic craft and arty goodness is sure to delight and provide inspiration for your Mini Maker!

Dates for the Mister Maker Australian tour are as follows:

Show Dates:

• Arts Centre - Hamer Hall - Sunday June 28 – 1.30pm, 4pm & 6.30pm*
• Arts Centre - Hamer Hall – Monday June 29 – 10am, 12.30pm & 3pm

• Thebarton Theatre – Wednesday 1 July – 1.30pm & 4pm

• Canberra Theatre – Saturday 4 July – 10am & 12.30pm

• Civic Theatre  - Sunday 5 July – 1.30pm & 4pm

• Chatswood Concourse Concert Hall -  Saturday 11th July - 1.30pm & 4pm
• Chatswood Concourse Concert Hall - Sunday 12th July - 10am, 12.30pm & 3pm

• Perth Concert Hall – Tuesday July 14 - 1.30pm* & 4pm
• Perth Concert Hall – Wednesday July 15 - 10am & 12.30pm

• QPAC Concert Hall – Tuesday July 7 – 1.30pm, 4pm & 6.30pm*
• QPAC Concert Hall – Wednesday July 8 – 10am, 12.30pm & 3pm

If you go, be sure to let me know what you thought of the show!!!!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Reviewing LiteracyPlanet for Teachers and Parents

"LiteracyPlanet is an online world of visually rich interactive activities. Imagination and real world skills combine to make the learning an adventure for students of any age.

LiteracyPlanet appeals to the competitive spirit and drives motivation while fostering a desire to succeed. Students can compete with students all over the world in our online global community".
LiteracyPlanet is an online literacy resourcce for children aged 4 to 15years. It is a learning platform with more than 15,000 interactive exercise that cover pre-reading, phonics, sight words, reading, spelling, comprehension, grammar and punctuation. LiteracyPlanet was founded in Australia in 2007 and is developed by educators and aligned to the Australian Curriculum.It is suitable for all abilities and adaptable for differentiated learning. Literacy Planet is a fun and motivating online learning platform for learners that is loved by educators and have proved to improve literacy learning outcomes.

Recently, high profile television jounalist, presenter and mother to two young children, Georgie Gardner, has signed  on to be the Ambassador for Australia's premier online literacy program for children, LiteracyPlanet.

Georgie said she was proud to be taing on the role, and is genuinely excited at the prospect of working with an Australian organisation, dedicated to the inprovement of literacy skills in children.

"I'm passionate about child literacy development, particularly in situations where it is difficult for children to access the support and resources they need. LiteracyPlanet is an effective tool for the development of key literacy skills, and is easily accessible and affordable both for schools and at home" said Georgie.

Georgie also appreciates that LiteracyPlanet provides positive screen time that is both educational and entertaining. "Parents want to do the best for their children in the precious time they have available. My children love LiteracyPlanet: they find the games engaging and fun. It enables me to be invoved in their learning at home, in a way that consolidates what they're learning at home".

But aside from a glowing recommendation from a celebrity (and mother), why should you as a parent or teacher sign-up to LiteracyPlanet? Read on below for more information.

Why should parents access and utilise LiteracyPlanet?

This is a great online tool that can provide a fun and engaging experience, online, for all children. Designed by educators and aligned the the Australian Curriculum, LiteracyPlanet provides a  structured learning journey that takes your child through sequenced, comprehensive, quality literacy content. The program has been graded into levels with content packaged to appropriately cover pre-reading skills, the alphabet, phonics, sight words, reading fluency, comprehension, spelling and grammar.

Whether your child is gifted, has learning difficulties, requires motivation or is achieving at Year-level standards, they can work through the content that suits their phase of development. Your child will enter the program at their Year level and they will work through a sequence of exercises to develop their skills in reading and writing.

Research has shown that providing feedback to learners is a powerful practice in education, and with that in mind LiteracyPlanet will ensure your child receives immediate feedback about their learning at the completion of every exercise. Within each exercise, the learner will be informed if their response is correct or incorrect and they will be shown correct answers. They will receive a score, virtual credits and a ‘trophy’ that equates to gold, silver or bronze level mastery. 

Parents can access reports in the separate parent dashboard - a visual display detailing the learning area and the level of mastery helps you to keep track of your child’s learning progress, which can be shared with teachers and tutors. By reviewing the reports, you will be alerted immediately if your child is struggling in any area.

Concepts covered include:
Grammar & Punctuation
Sight Words

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

5 reasons to engage children in educational technology.

Admission: "My name is Christie and I let my children use technology"!

As a parent I worry about the amount of 'screen time' my children have. But as a teacher I know that technology is an integral part of the learning process in today's classroom and society. Our children are surrounded by screens and technology, from the humble television, to smart phones and tablets. As parents we use it as a form of communication (Hi hun, yes the kids are still alive), entertainment (a bit of Sean Hayes lip syncing and dancing always brightens my day) and to gather information (how to get sudo-cream out of carpet) - so why shouldn't we encourage our children to use these devices in the same way - with an emphasis on MODERATION!

When our eldest son started showing interest in our iPhones, I started researching some appropriate apps for toddlers and preschoolers Before you check out which apps I think you must have on your devices, read this article that was written by the Head of Digital Education at ABC Splash about why you should be encouraging and engaging your children in educational technology.

Five tips to engage children in educational technology 

By Annabel Astbury, Head of Digital Education at ABC Splash

As recent data from statistics portal Statista shows, educational apps are the third most popular download category in the Apple App store, with a share of 9.95 per cent as of March 2015. With that in mind, it’s clear that the resources used to educate the next generation are shifting into the digital realm. So how do we adapt to this and ensure our children are getting the most out of these tools?
Original Source

It’s us, not them

It’s important to note that children today are the first age cohorts who have never known the world pre-internet. In fact, the shift to digital technology is more of an adaption for us than for them. So the first thing we need to do, as parents, is reframe our mindsets and stop trying to engage kids in the way we were taught.

Allot ‘Tablet Time’

Allowing children time with their tablet is often seen as an incentive or treat. Why not take advantage of this by filling the device with educational games that they will enjoy, and bargaining that they play these first before they get free reign (to an extent) over their choice of content?

Learning on-the-go

Whether you’re off on a road trip and need in-car entertainment, or you’re bringing your children along on a boring adult chore and need something to distract them – pack your tablet with these games and you won’t feel so bad when you have to leave them to their tech treat. After all, the aim of these educational games is to embed learning skills disguised as a fun interactive experience.


Get your child’s competitive juices flowing with a dose of healthy in-family competition. Children love to feel they’ve outsmarted their elders (and each other), so get some educational games on the go and take it in turns to play and score each other’s effort. This also provides a great way to get involved with your child’s learning and development in a fun context.


As much as children love to compete with others, they also love to compete with themselves. A good way to encourage their use of these educational games is to chart their progress and scores so they can see their gradual improvement. Why not create some achievement charts that they can update and mark off when they reach new levels and scores?
About ABC Splash!
Launched in March 2013, Splash is a ground-breaking free education website which helps students, teachers and parents embrace online and digital learning. It was developed by ABC Digital Network in conjunction with Education Services Australia, supported by the Department of Communications and the Department of Education. It is one of the largest digital projects ever undertaken by the ABC and delivers world-class interactive educational resources for primary and secondary school students, their teachers and parents. Visit the website for more details:!/home