Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Mummy/Teacher Style

It's a fine line to look professional as a teacher and yet be comfortable in your clothes, knowing they could end up with paint, glitter, chalk, texta or bodily fluids on them! The same goes for being a Mum - you want to maintain your sense of style and look put-together, but you don't want to wear you're epensive labels for fear of having them ruined by your little one! 

With a start to the cooler months here in Oz (bye-bye shorts, hello jackets!) I've turned my attention to my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. While we don't get REALLY cold days here in Wollongong, our days can start off quite fresh, so the key is layering. After having my two boys, my wardrobe has been thinned out due to weight, size and shape changes, so I'm always on the lookout for items that are versatile and can be worn at home; doing the grocery shop; jumping around at Gymbaroo; and running around at the local park whilst maintaining a sense of style and sophistication - and can also be worn to work in the classroom!

I have always loved a good chambray shirt - a chambray dress shirt even more! Thanks to Allison over at Utterly Organised I came across one of this beauty at Coles - for $29!!! What a steal! Like Allison, I was aiming to purchase one from Country Road but who could pass this bargain buy up! I will be using this purchase as an everyday/classroom item - at $29 I don't care what ends up on it! I'm hoping it washes and wears well (time will tell - stay tuned!)

The shirt-dress is good because:
  • it's comfy, yet stylish
  • can be dressed down or up
  • flattering - the waist tie is great
  • a good length - I'm 176cm (5'9") and I was amazed at the length! Can be worn with or without tights/stockings
  • Sleeves can be rolled up or down 
  • Great for breastfeeding mums as it is button-up
While I was there, I checked out the rest of the Coles "Mix Apparel" range and picked up two basic stripped shirts - one long and the other medium sleeved - perfect for the cooler months.These will be great layering pieces that could be paired with my puffer vest, a nice blazer or cardigan, or worn on their own with a nice scarf or necklace.

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