Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Yummy Mummy Cookies... for the whole family!

Last month I was invited to review the New Zealand Totally Devoted range of cookies - how could I say no?!?!? I am always on the hunt for healthy snack alternatives, not only for my boys for also for myself and hubby! 

Whilst I am neither pregnant or breast-feeding at the moment, I wanted to share this product because I remember what it was like to have 24/7 nausea for the first 20weeks of my pregnancies, and I breast-fed both my boys and would have LOVED to have a healthy and easy snack such as this around as sometimes you just didn't get a chance to sit an have a healthy snack, let alone meal. 

Myself and my family tried the Family Cookies (which provide a healthy snack for the whole family), the Clever Cookies (which aim to improve memory and brain function) and the Pregnancy Cookies (which aim to relieve morning sickness and nausea) - and they were a HUGE hit! They were fresh, tasty and filling - very important for a snack food for a busy young family. I also believe that they would be great from those suffering morning sickness/nausea as I can distinctly remember not wanting to eat much other than biscuits and chips (carb laden food that's not overly nutritious) and these are a healthy biscuit that is sure to hold that sick feeling at bay. 

Kelly, the founder of The Yummy Food Food Company, decided to bring these New Zealand born goodies out to OZ and share them with Australian mother's and families. The range is dairy, wheat & preservative free and are packed full of nutritious 100% natural ingredients, specially researched and selected to help breastfeeding and pregnant mums to either assist in increasing milk supply or decreasing the symptoms of morning sickness.

The Breast-Feeding Cookies contain all natural ingredients like fenugreek and fennel plus more which are reputed to help you increase your breastmilk naturally and help promote healthy lactation for breastfeeding mums.
The Pregnancy Cookies contain all natural ingredients like ginger and chia seeds which may help to reduce the effects of morning sickness and many of the other not-so-comfortable effects of pregnancy. These cookies though may also assist anyone pregnant or not who suffers from nausea, indigestion or other sensitive stomach conditions.
The Clever Cookies contain ingredients shown to help increase blood flow to the brain to improve memory (so great for 'mummy-brain') and the Family Cookies make a great healthy, immune system boosting treat for the whole family and are great for school/kindy lunchbox snacks.

Follow the links above to learn more about this great product! They will be a staple in my cupboard for a healthy snack, and I'll be sharing these with friends who are soon-to-be and new mums!

(PLEASE NOTE: This is not a paid review).

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