Friday, 20 March 2015

#GoGinger Anti-Bullying Challenge

Today, March 20th, is National Day of Action against Bullying and Violence. 

Bullying and violence are ongoing issues that affect countless Australians annually – in fact 1 in 4 Australian school students reported that they were bullied in the previous year.

There are some brilliantly unique initiatives happening to raise awareness this year, and one of these is Buderim Ginger’s fiery new social campaign The #GoGinger Challenge. The nation-wide campaign will ask Aussies to take a stand against bullying by snapping a selfie with a ‘Tinge of Ginge’ (this can be anything from a ginger cat to a ginger wig) and posting it to Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtags #GoGinger and #BullyZero

The more people that participate in the campaign, the more money Buderim Ginger will donate. If over 100 people participate, Buderim Ginger will donate $1,000, over 500 participate and they will donate $1,500, and if over 1,000 people, Buderim Ginger will donate $2,000 to the anti-bullying charity Bully Zero Australia Foundation. The Bully Zero Australia Foundation is an organisation that works to provide support for victims of bullying and their families.

Why is Buderim Ginger supporting this? Because it’s no secret that it can be a tough world out there for Gingers, who have unfairly been misrepresented on throughout history. From every day stereotypes to being on the sharp end of teasing and name-calling, gingers have been labelled everything from fiery-tempered, and promiscuous to evil and treacherous.

The challenge will run until 20th April, giving entrants one month to participate, the #GoGinger Challenge will help raise awareness of the cause, and every photo will provide much-needed donations to support Australian victims of bullying and violence in a way that is uniquely ginger. 

Want to know more? Check out Buderim Ginger's Facebook page or Website.

(This is NOT a sponsored post. I am passionate about anti-bullying).

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