Monday, 24 November 2014

24 Christmas craft activities for young children

24 Christmas Craft Activities for Infants:

Below you will find a list of 24 cute, fun and engaging activities that I have come across on during my Pinterest trawling sessions. These are activities that can be done with toddlers, pre-schoolers and infants aged children (K-2) as well as children with special needs.

Hand & Foot print crafts:

1.    Snowmen Feet

2.    Handprint Reindeer – Crafty Morning

4.    Christmas Elf Handprint Art – Classified Mom

5.    Candy Cane Christmas Card – Leapfrog & Ladybugs

Paper Plate crafts:

6.    DIY Snowmen Paper Plate Activity – Crafty Morning

7.    Paper Plate Elves – Crafty Morning

8.    Paper Plate Christmas Ornament – Crafty Morning

9.    Paper Plate Laced Christmas Tree – I Heart Crafty Things (great for fine motor work!)

Popsicle stick crafts:

10.  Popsicle stick Christmas tree craft – Hands on as we grow

11.  Popsicle stick star ornament – Powerful Mothering

13.  Toy Soldier Ornament - Fireflies and Mudpies (this is a personal favourite).

14.  Popsicle stick snowflake ornament – Crafts by Courtney

Stamping crafts:

15.  Stamped Snowman – it’s done with Marshmallows here, but you could use cotton balls, carrots, sponges etc.

16.  Potato Stamping – Crafty Morning

17.  Pom Pom Painting Christmas Crafts – Fantastic Fun & Learning (this could also be done using bauble, star and present cut-outs).

18.  DIY Christmas gift wrap – Celebrations

19.  Ornament stamped Christmas tree craft – I Heart Crafty Things


21.  Christmas Sensory Book – Baby Centre Blog

22.  Printable Gingerbread Ornaments to decorate – Powerful Mothering

23.  Cupcake liner Snowman Craft – I Heart Crafty Things

24.  Cupcake liner Christmas tree ornament – One Perfect Day

Check out my Pinterest page for more Christmas crafts, and watch out later in the week for my post on “24 Christmas craft activities for Primary students”.

Friday, 21 November 2014

I'm baaaacckk!

Masters of Education (Special Education) COMPLETE!!!!!!:

Well, after two gruelling years of essays, online forum posts and endless journal articles I have finally completed my Master’s degree!!! (Cue crazy crowd cheering and clapping). Doing this whilst raising my first son, having my second one, returning to work two days a week and supporting my husband while he did his own degree and continued his travelling as the head physio of the Tongan Rugby Union squad (as well as some other gigs that popped up along the way) presented its challenges, but it’s done!

So while I won’t go into great detail about the degree, I’ll list the subjects I chose and my overall thoughts on the course. Hopefully it might help any of you out there who are considering returning to the books!

Subject Choice:

1.    Literature for Children & Young People

2.    Approaches to Reading Difficulties: Theories & Strategies

3.    Giftedness in Special Populations

4.    Introduction to Inclusive Education: Strategies, Policies & Legislation

5.    Introduction to Research & Enquiry

6.    Assessment & Instruction of Individuals with High Support Needs

7.    Models of Behaviour Management

Generally, these were good subject choices as they provided me with a broad coverage of topics regarding Special Education – however, I was disappointed in the content contained in each of the subjects. Without going into too much detail, there was a heavy focus on theorists, theories, analysing the ‘research’ (which for some subjects, such as Gifted Education proved difficult as there was little recent research) and it seemed that many of my lecturers were out of touch with current classroom climates.

If you have any other questions for me, feel free to post! J