Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Getting crafty

I went to catch-up with a good friend as we’d organised a play-date for our two munchkins (who are the best of friends). When we arrived, her little girl was going some craft and drawing with which she was enthralled. Upon seeing this, so was my son. My friend was sitting at the table and had a large, tool-box style box sitting in front of her, where she kept pulling all manner of craft devices from. I loved this idea, and asked her where she got it from…

I know what you’re thinking… surely as a Primary and Special Education teacher my house is full of craft supplies? Yes, yes it is! I have a LARGE storage box FULL of craft. The beauty of this box was it was compact enough to hold the essentials – pencils, crayons, scissors, glue as well as stickers, paper, stencils etc. and easy for my son to get out and put away.

So where is this box from? Kmart – and it’s only $12!!!! You can get licensed ones (such as Disney Cars or Disney Princess) if you’re willing to pay more, but just check out what you are actually getting. For $12 you get a sturdy box with three compartments on the top (in which were some textas and stickers, but I have sinced moved things around and added some glitter glue pens, scissors and glue and stamp textas). Inside this box was some more stickers, colouring in sheets, a small box which they can colour and a mobile.

From my own collection I have added some more textas, funky scissors, wind-up crayons, plenty of paper and the ever timeless Tupperware Stencils – these are from my own childhood and have not dated (you can pick these up on eBay if you’d like a set).

So if you want an inexpensive way to encourage your child/ren to get creative, or you want to have something in your classroom that your students can access and use as a crafting station then I highly suggest searching around for a box like this!

(Images of my son and his creation, and his little brother getting involved too!)

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