Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Happy Easter!...

After a very busy term, I've managed to find some quiet time to sit down and write about my experiences in the previous school term! An 11 week term sure does take its toll, but I've learned a lot, seen some absolutely wonderful ideas and had fun working with some truly remarkable children.

Seeing as Easter has already come and gone (and dare I say it, Christmas will be upon us before we can blink!!!) I thought I would share the art activities I did with two of my classes.

The first one I made was an Easter Bunny Basket:

I ended up making mine a little differently, but don't seem to have any pictures of the finished product! I used cotton wool all around the outside of the face and ears so as to hide the staples. I also just got the kids to colour in the pink inside of the ear (cut down on time and mess).
It's a pretty simple crafty activity, but looks fantastic!
1. You'll need 3 paper plates per student.
Cut one paper plate as shown. This is the back of the basket.
 2. Cut the second paper plate as shown below. These will be used for the ears.

 3. Keep the third plate as is. Draw a face on it. We added googly eyes which were fun!


 4. Finally, staple everything together, add some cotton wool around the edges to hide the staples, add some string for the handle, place some tissue paper in the back and then most importantly - drop in some EGGS!!!

 Now for the other Easter craft - an Easter Egg Hunt Basket.

This was a really cute activity to do with this particular class of kiddies. The school was having an Easter Hunt on the last day of school, so we thought we'd get these ready before hand and ensure they were dry and ready to go!
So from the visuals above, we helped the kiddies paint their box, then place the stickers onto the sides. Add a bit of cellophane and some paper strips and you're ready to go!!!

 I hope everyone had a great Easter break, and is looking forward to another term - especially as it's only 9 weeks with a long weekend squeezed into the middle!!! :-)

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