Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Maths Investigation Activities

This year has certainly been eventful - with our renovations, moving to my parents and back again, a new baby and hubby going to Europe for 4 weeks for work (I know what you're thinking but don't worry, I'm keeping tabs of these trips and am ensuring we will return one day) as well as beginning my Masters of Special Education degree (like I'm wasn't busy enough) I haven't had much time to sit down and create or share my resources. 

Saturday just gone saw me collect the final boxes we had stored at my parents, which were full of my school resource books and activities. That night I spent a couple of hours sorting through them all, organising them into subjects and grades and packing them into my study unit. Upon riffling through what seemed like an endless pit of books, games, wall displays and other bits and bobs, I came across a few things I had created but forgotten about. 

So here is the first of many to come over the summer months:

Fractions and Decimals Investigation

This is the first of my Numeracy Investigations - Fractions and Decimals for Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4). This is a great activity to have for those students who finish their work fast s it is self-directed learning and draws upon things they should already know or have learnt recently. There are different activities that incorporate hands-on, drawing and written explanations. It can also be used by casual teachers when work is completed early or no work has been set, for upper Stage 2, and Stage 3 as revision. Classroom teachers can also use it in those early days at the beginning of the year as a valuable learning activity to engage students and assess their level of knowledge and understanding.

I will have other Investigations that will cover topics including Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Patterns & Algebra, Length, Time, Area, Mass, Volume & Capacity, Data, 2D, 3D space and Position up in my Stores in the coming week for Stage 2. Other Stages will follow as well.