Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Multi-sensory stories... Do you know what they are?

Well I said that in an earlier post that there was an assessment this semester that I was excited about, and here it is - we are to create a Multi-Sensory story. In essence, a multi-sensory story enables children who could not fully enjoy and explore a regular story the chance to experiences different aspects of the story through touch, smell, sound, sight and sometimes taste.
For our assessment, we are to choose a short story and create objects that can be used as sensory tools to help individuals experience the story. It is amazing how popular this teaching resource is becoming - and I, myself can't wait to make one and hopefully create many more. Once I have created my resources and videoed myself I will share my work.
Below you will find plenty of links to multi-sensory and tactile story links. I love the video below, and watching the response of the individuals who are sharing in the story - beautiful moments!
Want to check out my multi-sensory story? I'm not a huge fan of videoing myself, but I got excellent marks for this assignment so I thought it might be worthwhile sharing with you, just to give you an idea of what you can do if you were thinking about creating one of these.
This would also be a great task to get some of your students working at a high level to create - get them to choose a book that a younger grade likes and set the task!

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