Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Getting to know your students through numbers

I came across this fabulous activity via Pinterest - Angie over at 'Rulin' the Roost' shared this fabulous beginning of the year activity she created called Getting to know you through numbers. She asked her students to pick 6 numbers that described them and show this on a poster. She encouraged pictures and asked them to show some kind of math involving each number. 

I LOVE this idea as Math is not my strong point, and I am always looking for fun and new ways to encourage students to explore numbers in their world - and it's always good to have PLENTY of activities for the beginning of the year. So whilst sitting up feeding my newborn in the wee-hours of this morning, I came up with some ideas of how you could get older students to do the same activity using more complex numbers and maths. 
You can see I have used whole numbers, fractions, time, height and weight measurements, ratio's and ordinal numbers, as well as using a map to describe where I live. 

I am sure students will really enjoy this, and you can get students to present the information as they prefer. This could include a mind map as shown, a table or a narrative. Let your students get creative - just remember to give them a set time to complete the task in. For those techno savvy kids in your class, they can create something similar to mine!

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