Thursday, 10 January 2013

Rudolf the red nosed Reindeer activity

Another great Christmas activity I came across was from "Just Wild About Teaching" blog, where she has created a fantastic Christmas pack that contains this wonderful Rudolf the Reindeer craft activity. But to make this activity even more special, it encourages the children to write about what they would do if they had their own reindeer. My little cherubs had so much fun with this activity, I don't think they even knew they were doing work!

A few tips when doing this activity:
1. Do a step-by-step explanation. It can be quite complicated for little ones to do all at once, so I first got my kidlets to go and cut out all their pieces, then once they had done that got them to come back in small groups and we went around and stuck the various pieces on the corresponding coloured paper (as you can see below). Some still managed to stuff this up, but I feel that's part of the assessment  - listening and following instructions.

2. Once they have gone away and glued all the pieces on correctly and cut those out, have them return and go through how to piece the reindeer together. Once they have done this, they can go and write about what they would do if they had a reindeer.

These will brighten up any classroom in the lead up to the festive season. While it is time consuming and somewhat fiddly, it is an activity that the children will really enjoy - I promise!

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