Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Programming & Register of Outcomes

I had a contract for 12 months at a local school, and it was there I probably had the most valuable learning experiences when it came to programming. My mentor was fantastic and the school was very strict on making sure programs were up to date, and were checked every term! One of the things I picked up was the register of outcomes - you place this in the front of each subject section of your program and you can tick or highlight the outcomes you cover each term in each subject. It's a great visual to show what outcomes have been addressed that year, and is also a great tool for ensuring you are addressing all the outcomes for that year/stage.

Check out my store to purchase a copy of all the register of outcomes for all KLA's from Kindergarten through to Year 6!!! I've also included a copy of my Literacy and numeracy program proformas.

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