Monday, 17 September 2012

Always start at the beginning

Well I have managed to pick up work for the rest of the year! YEAH ME! I will be working every Wednesday for the rest of the year on a year 2 class. The lady that I am sharing with is fantastic, very similar in teaching style and beliefs... Thank goodness! Makes the job so much easier! I have had the class the last 3 Wednesdays, and in that time I have gotten to know the kids (the naughty ones are always the first ones you get to know) and it's going to be a great class to teach.

I noticed that the other teacher had a morning routine on the IWB, so I decided to get a copy and make some modifications to make it my own (I have one from my days working in Special Ed but this one needed to be a little more complex). I found a great morning routine on the Smart Exchange, and decided to take some ideas from this, combine them with the other and make a great (Australian teacher friendly) morning routine IWB activity.

 The activities include the class roll, weather chart, days of the week and date, monthly calendar, whole number, time and currency activity as well as a sight word activity. Check out my stores to purchase a copy!


  1. Hi Christie,
    I am a fellow Aussie blogger.

    I noticed you come from the Illawarra. I live in Wollongong and teach at Albion Park Primary School.
    Where are you teaching?
    Classroom Fun

  2. Hi Christie,

    I am another fellow Aussie blogger! We have a great group of Australian blogging ladies who have set up a facebook group if you are interested in connecting with us!

    Just email me at and I will pass your details on!

    Teaching Maths with Meaning