Saturday, 25 August 2012

My crafting afternoon project

My husband, who is unfortunately on a very strict diet due to some unknown health issues, is always saying to me that we need a weekly menu to make shopping easier and so that we know what we are cooking that week. Makes sense, but I hadn't really put any thought into it until I saw this picture on Pinterest (click on the picture to go to The Creative Mama blog) and thought "well here is the answer, so I'm going to give it a go!"

So yesterday I headed to one of our local $2 stores and picked up a 20" by 16" photo-frame. Then continued on to Spotlight to pick up the scrapbooking paper, hot glue gun & decorative details. I had an idea in my head what I wanted, but until I got there and saw what I could get, I was undecided. So I went for colours that inspire my future (and I hope not the distant future) kitchen renovation - white, turquoise, black & grey. 

Upon returning home, I put the baby down for his afternoon sleep & got stuck straight into it! I pulled the frame apart (putting the glass aside) and begun sticking the turquoise coloured paper to the backing board of the frame. Unfortunately a sheet didn't cover the whole board, so there was some cutting required which meant some overlaps of the paper. But I did fix this but cutting strips of  - see later pictures! :-)

I then went about choosing the colours that would go onto the pegs that hold the meal cards - and i thought I would do some contrasting colours - the Kasier Cardstock flipfile was fantastic as they are small samples of colours, which meant little cutting and wastage. I went with some different turquoise shades as well as some pink and purple.

I then went about tracing a peg, cutting this out and then using that cut-out as a template for the rest. I choose the above laid out order for the colour too. To ensure the paper sticks to the peg. place the hot glue on both paper and peg. (I used plastic as I couldn't find any large wooden pegs).

* Just a tip - as you cut around the outline of the peg, leave a millimeter of two to ensure you completely cover the top of the peg. 

I had purchased some self adhesive glitter letters to go on the pegs for the days of the week. These stuck well to the paper and didn't need and reinforcing. 

I then started reassembling the frame, stuck some black glitter letters onto the top of the board & then stuck the pegs onto the side of the frame. Again, when doing this place some glue on the pegs and the frame to ensure the bind between the two is strong. 

I used an A3 envelope box for the card holder (and I will get another one soon so that I have two matching) and covered it with some gray paper and trimmed it with some gray stripped card. (Use hot glue to stick the paper to the box, then hot glue to stick the box the board). 

And so below is the finished product, now taking pride of place in my kitchen. I am currently making up the meal/recipe cards to accompany it, and will post these shortly. This is a great idea for busy mums, working or stay-at-home, as it helps plan out weekly meals. 

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