Monday, 13 August 2012

Always be prepared

I have been doing a lot of casual work this term, on the days that hubby can look after bubby. And while some days have been enjoyable, there are those days where it is lucky I am prepared!

Today, the day was planned. But as schools go, there were some changes to the timetable given to me, and I had a whole session that I had to quickly come up with an activity for. So thankfully I had packed an activity I had been wanting to do for a while - a great activity called 'Bubble Gum Fun' (originally posed by Julie Lee over at Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten). I had made some changes to the activity so that it could be used with all Stages. I had Year 6 today, so we focused a lot on the procedural writing part of the activity, focusing on key words to use for the beginning of each step.

The end results were great, and it was an activity that kept the kids entertained for the rest of the day. Below are some pictures I took from the activity, and I will be posting the activity sheets I used for the activity at both my stores this week!

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