Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Free Parent Teacher Interview Guide Sheet

It's that time of year again - meeting with the parents of the students in your class! 99% of them will be lovely and have good knowledge of how their child is going - but there are some who have blinkers on and think their child is... well... let's just say better than what we know them to be!

As a young teacher I can remember getting ready for my first parent-teacher interviews. It is a daunting time, but while at one school I was lucky to have the support of my fellow teachers. They shared the following sheet with me, which gives teachers a guide as to what to specifically discuss with parents. 

It is important to remember that you should always begin with positives, but also provide information about what the child needs to work on. It may be hard, as you generally only have a set amount of time with each family, so this sheet will make sure that you stay on target with what you intended to say. It should also reflect what will be stated in the student's report. Check out my stores for your free download!

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