Monday, 14 May 2012

A Special Kind of Day...

Well I did another day of casual today, and loved every minute of it! I was on an I.O class in a school I've done regular casual at. After having a year of working in Special Education in 2010, I forgot how much I enjoy it and how wonderful the children are.

I was covering whilst the class teacher was undertaking some Accelerated Literacy training (in school) so she had left me the day plan, which was good as it helps keeps the kids settled and in routine. While the day was similar to my own class, once upon a time, I loved some of the resources they had - again, similar to what I have previously created, but slightly different, and in a way I wouldn't have before considered. The first was the Morning circle routine, and I after going through the day, date, weather etc the children are sent back to their desks to complete a 'daily diary' activity - which is simply them writing out the day, date, weather etc.

This was my old way of doing it: 

And this is my new and improved version:

Below are some examples of the kids work today in the different formats. You can see where I got my ideas, and how I have changed it to make it my own! You can also see that it was made into a book and bound, so that the kids just pulled it out each day and went to a new page. Just print enough pages for one term, then students can take it home at the end of the term, or the teacher can use it for assessment.

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