Sunday, 29 April 2012

The 5 Star Blogger Challenge

Well I was determined to make my debut to the blogging world a positive and worthwhile one. That's why when I came across Charity Preston's 5 Star Blogger Challenge, over at The Organised Classroom Blog, I was keen to make sure I ticked all the boxes and became a top-notch blogger. So to prove that I have achieved the requirements of a 5 Star Blogger, here is my proof:

1. You can contact me in a variety of ways - email, Facebook, Twitter & even Pinterest.
2. I haven't as yet received any awards for my blogging, so there's none to display!
3. My last three blogs were about things I have used in my classroom, from hand-me-down board & card games, DVD questionnaires and a fun novel study activity.
4. I'll always make a conscience effort to provide details about any products I have in my stores.
5. The previous blog was about one of my most memorable teaching activities - and it is something that can be done using the same book, or any others. I really engaged my students, and became very popular across the school! 


  1. I love your blog name and the design,an interesting post too,wish you good luck!

    Enjoy Teaching English